CrediBox is a complete solution that allows the customer to make accurate decisions about proposals or credit requests.​

With CrediBox solution you can improve operational efficiency by automating manual processes. ​

Costs can be reduced by the allocation of resources to other activities of strategic nature, rather than just tactical challenges.

  • Can be used simultaneously for making online decisions as to more caution processing, where the decision provided to the analyst serves as a guideline and is vital to the decision making process.​
  • It allows you to automate complex decisions with the same ease and security that a individual detailed analysis.​
  • Treatment capacity on a vertical level or product, such as credit cards, personal loans, car loans, housing credit, documentary credit, etc.​
  • It also allows the analysis and allocation of credit in terms of customer.​
  • It offers an information processing environment in workflow, database management, auditability, working in multi-product and multi-entities, integration of external services entities and queries in real time of the risk database.

The Credibox has a sophisticated decision mechanism, using strategies and application of models and business rules.​

There may be rulebooks that feeds the Decision Engine on different series:​

  • Business Rules as:
    • Marketing strategies application;​
    • Deferrals and / or Decline;​
  • Scorings:​
    • Admission​
    • Behavioural;
    • AML​
  • Possibility of using calculated variables.